El Paso just became a better place!!

   Why would I say that?

 Because El Paso Kung Fu just promoted over 30 people to black belt and different degrees of black belt. This means 30 plus people were presented an award that they earned - through hard work, dedication, and sweat. Along the way, they gained some skills, lost some weight, and toned their bodies.

 It makes El Paso a better place because these people can defend themselves and their families - yes, most definitely....

...but that's not the main reason. The main reason is joy. Yes, joy! You see, joy is better than happiness because happiness is dependent on happenings. Joy is different. Joy has a deeper well to draw from.

  30 plus people became stronger, realized they could conquer anything, and earned one of the most prestigious things a person can earn in life - a black belt. This means they gained the confidence and focus to face other things in life that are challenging, like challenges in relationships and in their careers. It means they can kick their bills in the head, and leverage their time to better accomplish other lifelong goals. It's another drop in the bucket list. It allows them to show up in their life and be all there. You see, when you stick to something and achieve a certain level of mastery at it, you not only get happier, the thing itself becomes a source of joy to you continually....and to others too.

 Think of it like this: How blessed would you be to be able to sit down at a piano at your leisure and play the most beautiful music as if it just poured out of your fingers? You would love it. Then why don't most people do that? because it takes grueling hard work and dedication to be able to freely play at will. However, once you can, you will have a source of joy the rest of your life.

  When someone becomes proficient in the Martial Arts, they learn to move their bodies in a way that makes them feel empowered. They can "work out" and move this way with strength, agility, and speed. It's a phenomenal feeling, and one that only an accomplished Martial Artist can understand. It makes you a better person, which makes the world you show up in better too.

  You see, when you make yourself better, your whole world improves just by having you in it.

So, this past Saturday, October 7th, over 30 people improved this city by enriching their own lives through the Martial Arts. We Salute you all!!!!

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