• Master Paul is a rare and unique talent. His experience and expertise is unique and and must be seen to be fully appreciated. The true measure of this, his teachings, shows in the quality of his students. As a school owner myself, I am simply amazed at the talent and knowledge that his students have. Paul's passion was highly rewarded when he was inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame. Not too many people have that accomplishment in their martial arts resume. If you're looking for a place for yourself, family, friends, or loved ones then this academy is for you. I don't recommend to many places, but I highly recommend El Paso Kung Fu... Master Ken Winegarner

    Ken W.
  • Master Paul & Veronica bring a depth of knowledge that is unparalleled in the martial arts world. There knowledge of the mind, body, and sprit can be seen through teachings and physical being. Paul and Veronica are two of the best people you will ever meet in life.

    Charles D.
  • My boys absolutely love kung fu san soo and all the instructors. They are very patient and also very attentive to each child and their progress. The staff in itself is amazing always on top of things and making sure that parents don't forget any events. I have recommended this place to many people.

    Letty S.
  • I think kung fu San soo is a great art hands down. I loved it and I met interesting people. The classes were fun. Master Schroeder is a great instructor. The reason I stopped was because the army moved me, indeed, if I moved back to el paso, I would go back to kung fu San soo.

    William B.
  • San soo has done a lot for me and my two boys. Master Paul & Veronica are awesome instructors. Recommend everyone to come join the San soo family! You will love it!

    Elma M.
  • Master Paul is an excellent teacher. His ability to communicate and explain is on a level above most instructors I have had the opportunity to study with.

    Sean R.
  • Mrs. Veronica has so much patience with the kiddos. My daughter is three and just loves going to class. Thank you to all the instructors.

    Elisa C.
  • Amazing Martial Arts School Master Paul is a very Good and Helping Instructor!

    AarVel T.
  • I can't imagine my life without El Paso Kung fu. I've grown in unimaginable ways. This art has enlightened me in all aspects of my life . I've made life long friends for sure, they are family. Great positive environment for my daughter, and a great de-stress for me. Thank you Master Paul and Master Veronica for bringing san soo to our city . Love you!

    Cecy G
  • This place is more than just a school it is a lifestyle and a family. The atmosphere is incredibly uplifting and empowering, the classes and instructors are phenomenal and in the short time I have been here it has brought me so much happiness and bad ass skills!

    Heather N.
  • It is one of the greatest schools I have ever been in and I have been in a lot. Instructors are the very best and the students are hard working and so nice.

    David H.
  • The kids program is first rate. My son has grown in unimaginable ways on and off the mat. The school is run professionally, but with the family first feel-instructors you can entrust your children with.There is no other martial arts school in the city that compares.

    Robert F.
  • adults martial arts el paso

    Great with kids and focusing on what really matters when trouble comes.

  • Adults Martial Arts El Paso

    I just love learning this art, it's both physically and mentally challenging! Master Paul makes our classes interesting and fun, while keeping focus and perspective about the true culture of martial arts. The workout is an added plus, great strengthening my core and upper body strength!

  • Adult Martial Arts El Paso

    "Master Paul and other instructors there break down centuries-old techniques and styles of Kung Fu or Wushu to an extremely effective street combat based fighting art. All of it is based off of Sifu Jimmy H. Lee theory of combat Kung Fu. Their aren't any forms or Katas as seen in Japanese and Korean martial arts. And there aren't any animal forms as shown in traditional Kung Fu. By using a combination of takedowns, strikes and pressure points one may defeat a much larger opponent."


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