As an adult, who has time to do Martial Arts? Isn't that just for kids? Shouldn't I be spending what little time I have with my family? The fact is, taking some time out to really invest in yourself makes you a better father and husband. We can get so wrapped up in the stuff of our lives that we forget to live! If you've always wanted to take martial arts as a kid but never could for whatever reason, now is your time to live that dream. We find that adults are more committed for the long haul and are able to learn the deeper and more subtle aspects of the Martial Arts better than kids. When you have a hobby that you love, it's an opportunity to live a different identity, to be flexible a bit with your roles. You step onto the mats and you are in another world. Our program is designed for you. You want a work out. You want realistic self defense. We provide these things to you in a safe and friendly environment that will blow your mind. Make the most of these years and get your black belt. You're ready, and we will be waiting for you. We take you every step of the way to insure your success. Our new students are provided an introductory DVD that explains in detail your first 3 months. Come join our family and find out why El Paso San Soo has more Adult students than any other Academy in El Paso!

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